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Lewis Plumbing and Heating provides professional installation for residential water heaters.  Let us install it and make sure it's done right.

Bradford White water heaters have a 6 year tank warranty and are available in 40 Gal and 50 Gal models.

Visit http://www.bradfordwhite.com/ for more information.


Looking for a professional plumber to install a new shower or do a total bathroom remodel?  Give Lewis Plumbing and Heating a call today.  We can replace that old, worn out tub or shower.  We can even do a complete bathroom remodel.




Frost-Proof Hydrants

Need a new outside hydrant because yours is dripping or leaks under the house when you use it?  Or maybe it leaks around the handle or is just difficult to turn on and off.  Give us a call, we install quality Woodford Frost-Proof Hydrants. 


Need a new outside bury hydrant?  Let us dig up your old one and replace it with a new Simmons Bury Hydrant.


Have a slow or blocked lavatory or kitchen drain?  Give us a call.  We have a Spartan Drain machine that is the right size for smaller drains, too. 


We have several large Spartan Drain machines to clean out even the most stubborn drain lines.  These machines will clean 3" to 6" pipe up to 150' in length!  Whether your drains are filled with tree roots or unsightly sludge, our machines can do the job.