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Radiant floor heat is the most comfortable way to heat your basement, garage or pole building.  We have experience installing radiant heating systems in residential basements and garages, large equipment buildings and even fire stations.

Radiant heat uses special tubing imbedded in a concrete floor or installed under an existing floor to circulate hot water and provide comfortable heat for your space. 

Using radiant heat is ideal for large buildings and buildings with garage doors.  In a heated air building, when large doors are opened, all of the conditioned air escapes and the heaters must work hard to try and re-heat all of the cold air that was let into the building.  With radiant floor heat, the mass of the concrete floor is already warm.  Therefore, when large doors are opened and then closed the warmth from the concrete continues to radiate throughout the building.  This allows much less heat loss and a much faster recovery time for the temperature in the building.